Journal of High Treknowledgy, The

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The Journal of High Treknowledgy
Format Print
Editor Steven K Roberts
Publisher Steven K Roberts
Origin USA
Language English
Frequency ?
Active ?
Topics computers, technology, nomad
Number of Issues 6
Follows NA
Precedes The Journal of High-Tech Nomadness (Issue 7)
Associated Publications NA
Website NA

The Journal of High Treknowledgy chronicles Steven Roberts adventures and outlines, in technical detail, all the bike's systems and the various technologies he is innovating out of necessity. The mag is a high-quality production with good writing, plenty of photos and drawings, and a lively letters column. The beauty of Steve's project is his balancing of technical virtuosity with his deep passion for people, places, and new experiences. There's a very robust ghost in this machine.

This magazine proceeds The Journal of High-Tech Nomadness.


Steven Roberts has an affliction he doesn't want to cure. He is addicted to traveling. In 1983, Steve gave up his job, sold his assets, bought a recumbent (reclining) bicycle and took to the highways. Unlike other nomads who sever their ties to friends, telephones, and day-to-day jobs, Steve has built an array of high-tech communication devices on his bike that keep him in constant contact with the world. Using his technical expertise, he was able to design a mind boggling computerized and pedal- powered vehicle. The latest version of his 350 lb. bike sports a cellular phone, a FAX machine, several ham radios, a solar power panel, and seven on-board computers! Steve continues to do computer research, write books, and put out "The Journal of High-Tech Nomadness," all while pedaling the highways and byways of America. Cycling and writing at the same time is made possible by what Roberts calls "chord keyboards" mounted on the handlebars of his bike. Different combinations of the keys along each handlebar produce the desired letters of the alphabet. Roberts wrote the popular book "Computing Across America" while peddling over 16,000 miles. While many people might write Steve off as a crank, over 150 computer, sports, and electronics companies have chosen to support his adventures. His roster of sponsors includes Apple Computers, Atari, Hewlett- Packard, and General Electric. Ultimately, Roberts' dream is to attract a whole community of high-tech nomads who will live and work on the road. Given his past successes in inspiring people and in demonstrating his commitment to this unique lifestyle, such a nomadic community might not be so far down the road.


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