Literary Machines

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Literary Machines
Literary machines.jpg
Literary Machines cover
Format Print (Paperback)
Author Ted Nelson
Publisher Mindful Press
Origin USA
Language English
Publication Date 1980 (1st ed.)
Topics Computers, Personal computers
Follows NA
Precedes NA
Associated Publications Computer Lib / Dream Machines
Website NA

Literary Machines (short title) is a book first published in 1980 by Ted Nelson, and republished 9 times by 1993. It offers an extensive overview of Nelson's term "hypertext" as well as Nelson's Project Xanadu. It also includes other theories by Nelson, including "tumblers" for addressing bits in files past and present, "transclusion" as a method for including original work in one's own work, and "micropayments" to pay for the use. The format of the book is nonlinear, as the chapters are arranged in such a way that the text can be read out of order.


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