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Satellite Watch News
Format Print
Editor Dan Morgan
Publisher Dan Morgan
Origin ?
Language English
Frequency ?
Active ?
Topics hacking, technology, satellite, cracking
Number of Issues ?
Follows NA
Precedes NA
Associated Publications NA
Website www.oscoda.net/dmorgand/ (defunct)

Satellite Watch News was a satellite hacking/cracking magazine published by Dan Morgan in the 1990's.


From "Satellite Hackers" (1994):

Satellite Watch News is a living tribute to unfettered capitalism. With unabashed pleasure, it informs dealers of every new opportunity for signal theft, and it even lab-tests some of the illegal products that it advertises in its own back pages. These ads are even more outrageous than the editorial content, offering VC II fixes via mail order and instructional videos to take the neophyte step by step into the black art of chipping boxes in the privacy of his own basement workshop.


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