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To take responsibility for a show, simply edit the User field with your name and update the Format for what format you are capturing.

hd720p30 is preferred for the format. We are looking for top quality video here. If hd720p30 is unavailable, follow down to hd, then Large MP4, etc. If there is a missing episode in the format, do your best to fill in the space. If you were downloading all episodes as hd720p30 and there is an episode without that format, grab the hd if it exists and if not the Large MP4. No transcodes, please. Descriptions are required. Make sure you keep text files with the episode descriptions, and that you upload the descriptions along with the episodes.

If you use a *nix or like OS, use this example one-liner to download shows, but MAKE SURE it didn't skip episodes before you upload:

q=hd720p30.h264.mp4; i=avtalk; wget -c -i -- `curl "$i/episodePage?&limit=1000" | grep -i $i-- | sed 's%^.*src="%%' | sed 's%images/shows%web%' | sed 's%medium.thumb.jpg".*%'$q'%'`

Suggested format for show note file to include with upload:

Suggested subject tags: anarchivism; revision3; iptv

Show is the name of the show.

User is the user who has taken on responsibility for archiving the show.

Format is the video format for the show.

Stage is what point in the archiving is completed (Downloading, Downloaded, Descriptions, Uploading, Complete). URL is the address of the page for the uploaded show.

Notes is a section for notes on missing episodes, etc.

Any questions? Chat with us!

Includes non-Rev3
On Rev3
Rev3 Series Only
Taken Down

Archived Shows

Show User Format Stage URL Notes
Address the Sess Famicoman hd720p30 Downloaded
Annie's Bits godane hd720p30 Completed
Ask Jay Famicoman hd720p30 Completed
A.V. Talk Famicoman hd720p30 Completed
AnimeTV Famicoman hd Completed Rev3 series only.
AppJudgement godane hd720p30 Completed
AppJudgement Snapp godane hd720p30 Completed
The Best Ever Famicoman hd720p30 Downloaded
The Best of Revision3 godane hd720p30 Completed
Big Cat Rescue
Breakin' It Down Famicoman hd720p30 Downloaded
ByteJacker Famicoman hd720p30 Completed Rev3 series only. Episodes 49-53, and 78 don't exist.
Casual Friday godane hd720p30 In Progress
Catherine Reitman Extras Famicoman hd720p30 Downloaded
Clip of the Week
CO-OP Famicoman hd720p30 Completed
Ctrl+Alt+Chicken Famicoman Large h264 Completed Includes clipshow episode
Ctrl+Alt+Chicken Mini Bite Famicoman Large h264 Completed
CuteWinFail Outtakes
Dan 3.0 Famicoman hd720p30 Completed
Death Battle! Famicoman hd720p30 Completed
Delicious Bites Famicoman hd720p30 Completed Episodes 1 and 3 don't exist
Delicious Steak Famicoman hd720p30 Completed
Destructoid godane hd720p30 Completed
Destructoid DLC godane hd720p30 Completed
Digg Dialogg Famicoman hd720p30 Completed Episodes 1-3, 6, 9-10 included, web-rips only
The Digg Reel Famicoman hd720p30 Completed Episodes 29-78 hd only. Eps 155, 151, 149, 145, 141, 131, 113, 102, 14 included.
Diggcetera Famicoman hd720p30 Completed Episodes 1-14 web-ripped only, various formats
Diggnation Famicoman hd720p30 Completed Eps 5,51-12 large h264 only. Ep 24 small h264 only. 5+24 include HD webm. Member videos included
Diggnation Daily Famicoman hd720p30 Completed
Epic Fu Famicoman Large h264 Completed Complete series. Numbering off, but all episodes accounted for.
Epic Meal Time Famicoman hd720p30 Completed Episodes 26, 27 don't exist. Mislabeling.
Fact or Fictional godane hd720p30 Completed
Film State
Food Mob Famicoman hd720p30 Completed
Food Mob Bites Famicoman hd720p30 Completed Episodes 19, 21, and 22 don't exist
Foundation godane hd720p30 Completed
The Game Show Famicoman Large h264 Completed Complete series, every video released. Extras and S1 + S2 eps 1-10 are flv only.
Geekdrome Famicoman Small h264 Completed Episodes 1-10 are MP3 only
The GigaOm Show Famicoman hd720p30 Completed Episodes 01-15 are large h264 only
GizmoSlip Shorts
Hard News
Hard News Clip
Hidden Camera Classics
iFanboy Famicoman hd720p30 Completed Complete Rev3 series. Eps 1-60 Large h264 only, eps 61-129 hd only
iFanboy Mini Famicoman hd Completed
InDigital Famicoman Large h264 Completed
InDigital Bytes Famicoman Large h264 Completed
Infected by Martin Sargent Famicoman Large h264 Completed Episodes 1-5, 12, 13 are MP3 only. Small h264 until episode 22. Includes all specials.
INST MSGS Famicoman hd720p30 Completed
Internet Rabbit Hole
Internet Superstar Famicoman hd Completed
The Invisible Man Presents
Io9: We Came From The Future
Joe Genius Famicoman hd720p30 Completed
Just For Laughs Gags
JV's World Famicoman hd720p30 Completed Episodes 1-5 hd only
LandlineTV Famicoman hd Completed
Lifehacker Famicoman hd720p30 Completed
Lifehacker Extra
lil Bub
Lil' Internet Superstar Famicoman hd Completed Includes episode 3
Max Scoville's Study Hall
MobileGeeks Daily
Movie Night
Mysteries of Science Explained Famicoman Large h264 Completed
New Challenger
New Challenger Turbo
Nixie Pixel Geekbuzz
Not Mainstream Typical Videos Famicoman Large h264 Completed Episodes 1+2 small h264 only, XviD's also included. Includes some non-Rev3 videos.
Penn Point Famicoman hd720p30 Completed Includes promo
PixelPerfect Famicoman hd720p30 Completed Episodes 93-133 hd only.
popSiren Famicoman hd Completed
popSiren Bite Famicoman hd Completed
Random Awesomeness
Rev3Games Previews
Rev3Games Previews Extras
Rev3Games Reviews
The Revision3 Gazette RichardR hd Completed Episodes one and two are YouTube rips.
Revision3 One Offs
Rich Alverez
Rich Alverez Extras
ROFL Famicoman hd720p30 Completed Episode 74 is large h264 only
Scam School
Scientific Tuesdays godane hd720p30 Completed
Screw Attack Game Reviews
Screwin' Around
Sessler's ...Something
Simply Unlucky
Simply Unlucky Extras
Social Brew RichardR hd Completed Uploaded to wrong section due to an processing problem, requested a fix but no reply.
Sourcefed Extras
Spoiled Games
Stuff of Genius
Stuff They Don't Want You To Know
Stuff to Blow Your Mind
SubSystm Famicoman Large h264 Completed
Systm Famicoman hd Completed Episodes 1-36 large h264 only.
Tech Battlefield
Tech Feed News
Tekzilla Daily Tip godane hd720p30 Completed
thebroken Famicoman Large h264 Completed Includes unreleased Hacking with Ramzi
Threat Wire
Toasted Donut
Todd's Sketches
Tom's Top 5 godane hd720p30 Completed
Top 10
Totally Rad Show
Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy Extra
Unboxing Porn godane hd720p30 Completed
Video Game Vault
Web Drifter Famicoman hd Completed Episodes 0001-0003 large h264 only. Includes episodes -002 (large h264) and -003 (hd)
Web Zeroes Famicoman hd720p30 Completed Includes episode 25.
What's the Big Deal
WilsonTech1 Famicoman hd720p30 Completed Rev3 series only. Episode 61 included.
WilsonTech1 Daily Famicoman hd720p30 Completed Rev3 series only
Wine Library Reserve Famicoman hd Completed Episode 29 does not exist
Wine Library TV Famicoman hd Completed Rev3 Series Only.
XLR8R TV Famicoman Large h264 Completed Episode 122 included. Episodes 7+148 small h264 only, large XviD's included.
The Young Turks Famicoman hd720p30 Completed Episodes 126, 129, 134, 160-167, 173, 177-186 don't exist. Episode 001 large h264 only

Revsision3 Beta

Show User Format Stage URL Notes
Bottles, Blends & Brews Famicoman Flash Completed Webrips only.
Hack College Famicoman h264 Completed Complete series. Some episodes have higher quality .mov files.
The Minx Mandate Famicoman Flash Completed Webrips only. Includes Sizzle Reel and Trailer.
The Slice Famicoman h264 Completed Webrips only. Includes all Cake Financial videos. Some videos may be in Flash.
That's Awesome.TV Famicoman Flash Completed Webrips only. Episodes 01-09 are missing.
What Should You Know Famicoman h264 Completed Webrips only. Includes all openSermo videos. Some videos may be in Flash.
Weekly Music Lessons with Walt Famicoman h264 Completed Webrips only.

Active Shows

Show User Format Stage URL Notes
Amplified *
Android Authority *
Anyhoo *
The Ben Heck Show godane hd720p30 In progress *
Diy Tryin *
Fandom Beat *
Film Riot *
GeekBeat.TV *
Hak5 *
HD Nation godane hd720p30 In progress *
The New Show *
The Philip DeFranco Show *
RatedRR *
Rev3Games Originals *
SGNL by Sony *
SoldierKnowsBest *
Sourcefed *
Sourcefed Nerd *
Tech Assassin: Reloaded *
TechnoBuffalo *
Tekzilla *
Ty's iHelp *
Variant *
Vloggity *