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DeAuthThis logo
Format Webshow
Genre Informational, Tutorial
Origin USA
Created by Corrosion
Starring Corrosion
Language English
Producer(s) Corrosion
Location(s) USA
Running Time Variable
Network NA
Frequency NA
Original Airing November 10, 2010 - June 2011
Total Seasons 1
Total Episodes 8 (+2 Extras)
Additional Information
Topics Technology, Computers, Hacking, Phreaking
Follows NA
Precedes NA
Associated Video NA

DeAuthThis was a tech-based IPTV show inspired by Hak.5 and thebroken. The first episode was released on Nov.10 2010. The show is dedicated to the hacker in all of us, with tutorials, mods, and more. Future episodes promised trivia and content based on the feedback of its viewers as well security, showing not only how to exploit a system but how to secure it from such an exploit.



CC Login: 00:02:25 X360 Flash: 00:03:56 X360 Backup: 00:10:21 X360 Play Backup: 00:21:65 X360 Open Tray Error: 00:25:62 X360 Fan Mods: 00:38:07 War Driving: 00:50:12 GPS Mapping: 00:56:12 Credits: 01:17:27


In this episode Spazz makes his first in-show appearance. We mess with some high voltage dc, talk about safety, wifi parabolas, and teach you how to hack though that pesky windows password.


In this episode of DeAuthThis I build a WarViewing (warspying, warwatching,etc) box, Hexkrew shows us an intro into the arduino and I get a skype interview with John Draper… Captain Crunch himself.. Mr.Draper informed me to spread the word that anyone who donates and registers may receive an interview with him via skype. You may do so at:


In this episode of DeAuthThis I build a 0800 drive to copy xbox 360 games, DeAuthtenticate (dos) an xbox live session, and create a powerful packet injection machine that can blast any wep encryption in seconds with on-board linux a 1.5Watt amplifier and an internal atheros wifi card with injection support.. We’re working hard to make the show better as we go, stay tuned.


In this episode of DeAuthThis we install moc to play mp3s in our terminal, bypass windows passwords in 2000-7 and make a 32gb psp, all that and more!


In this episode of DeAuthThis I show you how to bypass hotspot security, Modify an FRS radio (thanks BSoD/Foxx), as well as compiling firesheep in linux! That and much more, Show notes will be up soon, check out the forum DeAuthThis Forum


In this episode of DeAuthThis, I go to the Skills USA Ohio Competition in Columbus, Oh and we mess around with the stun glove 2.0 and throw a hotel lan party, stay tuned. and our site as always is


This episode of DeAuthThis features the wireless briefcase, and wireless security mods.


Intro preview

Out Take For A Scrap'd Segment

Cr33p3r and Corrosion get weird!


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DeAuthThis - Complete Series Famicoman Also contains intro and outtake

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