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! style="background: #F8F8FF; color: #8B8989;"| WMV
! style="background: #F8F8FF; color: #8B8989;"| WMV
! style="background: #F8F8FF; color: #8B8989;"| [http://www.phreakvids.com/Agent_Steal_CNN.wmv phreakvids.com]
! style="background: #F8F8FF; color: #8B8989;"| [http://www.phreakvids.com/Agent_Steal_CNN.wmv phreakvids.com]
! style="background: #F8F8FF; color: #8B8989;"|
! style="background: #EEE9E9; color: #8B8989;"| Digital Desperado (2000)
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! style="background: #F8F8FF; color: #8B8989;"| [http://thesprawl.org/media/simstim/digital_desperado.mp4 thesprawl.org]
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Digital Desperado
Digital desperado.png
Digital Desperado Title Card
Format Video (TV)
Genre Documentary
Origin USA
Language English
Release Date 20 February 2000
Running Time 13 min
Created by NA
Directed by NA
Produced by NA
Written by NA
Screenplay by NA
Distributed by CNN
Narrated by NA
Starring Justin Petersen aka Agent Steal
Music by NA
Cinematography by NA
Edited by NA
Production Company NA
Location(s) USA
Original Channel CNN
Additional Information
Based on NA
Topics Technology, Computers, Hacking
Follows NA
Precedes NA
Associated Video NA
Website cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0002/20/impc.00.html

Digital Desperado is a CNN Time interview with Justin Petersen aka Agent Steal. Justin was an FBI informant. He helped the FBI to build criminal cases against Kevin Poulsen and later Kevin Mitnick. He caused a controversy when the FBI turned a blind eye on Agent Steal's continued hacking and credit card fraud activities even when working as an informant. Eventually he became a fugitive when his former associate, Ron Austin, sent implicating information to the FBI.


CNN & Time features Justin Petersen in a segment titled "Digital Desperado." This 13 minute video, produced in 2000, covers Agent Steals history, from breaking into C.O.'s with Kevin Poulsen and Ron Austin, to wiretapping, to what he's up to these days.


Film User Format Link Notes
Digital Desperado (2000) NA [ Archive.org]
Digital Desperado (2000) NA WMV phreakvids.com
Digital Desperado (2000) NA MP4 thesprawl.org


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