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Language Technology
Format Print
Editor Louis Rossetto
Publisher INK International
Origin Amsterdam, Netherlands
Language English
Frequency ?
Active 1987 - ?
Topics cyberpunk, hacking, technology
Number of Issues ?
Follows NA
Precedes Electric Word, Wired (Magazine)
Associated Publications NA
Website rynne.org/electricword (defunct)

Language Technology was a bimonthly, English-language magazine published in Amsterdam from 1987 that offered eclectic reporting on the translation industry, linguistic technology, and computer culture. Its editor was Louis Rossetto.


The magazine was launched under the title Language Technology by a translation company in Amsterdam, INK International. It was later renamed Electric Word and sold to a small Dutch media company. The magazine was terminated in 1990 due to insufficient revenues.

Electric Word was one of the first magazines published using desktop publishing software. It featured avant-garde graphics by the Dutch graphic designer Max Kisman.

After the failure of Electric Word, Rossetto and his partner Jane Metcalfe moved to San Francisco, California and established Wired (Magazine)


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