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000012768 owned.jpg
Owned Screenshot
Format Video (DVD?)
Genre Documentary
Origin USA
Language English
Release Date 2002
Running Time ?? min
Created by NA
Directed by Jennifer Read
Produced by NA
Written by NA
Screenplay by NA
Distributed by Fifteen Minute Films
Narrated by NA
Starring Kevin Mitnick, John Draper
Music by NA
Cinematography by NA
Edited by NA
Production Company NA
Location(s) NA
Original Channel NA
Additional Information
Based on NA
Topics Technology, Computers, Hacking
Follows NA
Precedes NA
Associated Video NA
Website NA

Owned is an unreleased hacking documentary produced by Jennifer Read in 2002.


OWNED is a feature length documentary film that infiltrates the elusive world of computer hacking. From the inception of modern-day hacking by phone phreakers in the '60s to the current and future state of the hacking art, OWNED is an oral history of a law-spurning tech tradition that spans five decades. The controlled chaos of Las Vegas, as hundreds of hackers descend upon sin city for the Defcon convention gives way to the humid solitude of a wired, double-wide trailer in the bible-belt, as a lone hacker hijacks web pages. OWNED traverses the world of the hacker from their most public gatherings to their most private moments. Kevin Mitnick, dubbed by the New York Times "The FBI's Most Wanted Cybercrimminal" speaks for the first time about the crimes that led to his conviction. Luminary John Draper recalls the experimentation that led to the subversion of world-wide phone systems in what many consider to be the birth of hacking.In OWNED, the most respected, infamous and renowned figures in the subculture speak out and tell all.


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Owned (2002) NA [ Archive.org]

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