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Private Line
Private Line Vol.2 No.6 Cover
Format Print
Editor Thomas Farley
Publisher Thomas Farley
Origin Carmichael, CA, USA
Language English
Frequency Bimonthly
Active 1994 - 1995
Topics Telephony, Hacking, Phreaking, Computers, Technology
Number of Issues 9+
Follows NA
Precedes NA
Associated Publications NA
Website (defunct)

Private Line, started in 1994 as a journal focusing on telephony, hacking, and phreaking.

 Not every zine was about punk. Tom Farley’s PRIVATE LINE was inspired by hacker/phreak zines like 2600, PHRACK, HACK-TIC and TAP. PRIVATE LINE was the product of Tom’s intellectual curiosity and a love of tinkering with phones. Featuring detailed documentation of pay-phone operating protocols, interviews with electronic security consultants, and other matters that made non-techies’ heads spin but were pure enjoyment for enthusiasts of all things telephonic. Farley discovered that self-producing the zine was too great an economic burden, but continued it as an online publication,




Issue User Link Notes
Volume 2, Number 6 (Nov/Dec 1995) Famicoman

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