Web Warriors

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Web Warriors
Web Warriors Title Card
Format Video (TV)
Genre Documentary
Origin Canada
Language English
Release Date 20 November 2008
Running Time 43 min / 50 min (international)
Created by Jay Dahl
Directed by Jay Dahl
Produced by Edward Peill, Christopher Zimmer
Written by Jay Dahl
Screenplay by Jay Dahl
Distributed by Tell Tale Productions
Narrated by NA
Starring Ann-Marie MacDonald, Donnie Werner
Music by Jay Dahl
Cinematography by Kyle Cameron, Marc Pike
Edited by Sarah Bryne
Production Company Tell Tale Productions
Location(s) USA, Canada, Russia
Original Channel CBC
Additional Information
Based on NA
Topics Technology, Computers, Hacking
Follows NA
Precedes NA
Associated Video NA
Website NA

Web Warriors, a CBC documentary, begins by speculating the link between the release of Blaster worm and massive power blackouts that occurred shortly after. Following this assumption, the documentary explores how computer viruses can be used to disrupt national infrastructures. After a brief coverage of Defcon conference, there is an interview with MafiaBoy. Next there is an interesting twist, where we follow Donnie "a career hacker" trying and ultimately failing to track down the programmer behind the Microsoft Word virus (Sobig) in Moscow, Russia. The documentary concludes by discussing the threat of information warfare coming from Russia and China.


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