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AthCon was founded in 2009 by Cyberdefend Limited under premise of introducing a hard core IT Security Conference within the Hellenic IT Security Sector.

AthCon is an annual IT security conference that takes place in Athens Greece designed to give a technical insight to the world of IT security. A realistic, practical view of current and evolving threats and security trends presented by top international security experts.

Athcon is by no means a common IT Security conference. Sessions include highly technical demonstrations of security threats and exploitation techniques. Our overarching aim in founding AthCon was and still is to increase IT Security awareness in Greece. The first AthCon was successfully organised in June 2010 and our hope is to make AthCon every years' must-see hot security event.


Con User Slides Audio Video Notes
AthCon 2013
AthCon 2012 Famicoman
AthCon 2011 Famicoman
AthCon 2010 Famicoman


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