Binary Revolution

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Binary Revolution
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Binary Revolution logo
Format Print
Editor Stankdawg
Publisher Binary Revolution
Origin Albuquerque, NM, USA
Language English
Frequency NA
Active 2003 - 2004
Topics Hacking, Phreaking, Computers, Technology
Number of Issues 3
Follows NA
Precedes NA
Associated Publications NA

Binary Revolution was produced by Stankdawg in 2003 - 2004. A forth issue was in development but ultimately cancelled before release.

Issue Contents

Issue 1.1


Hacking 101: Footprinting a System

DoS - Tools of the Tools

2600 Secrets


A Nubies Guide to Ghettodriving

Phreaking Italy

Cookies - The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Public TTYs - Description and Methodologies For Free Calling

Your Rights and Why You've Already Lost Them

Perl Corner: Watching The Watchers

Closing Comments

Issue 1.2


Hacking 101: Targeting Theory

Computing Number Systems

Insecurities in MyCafeCup

Cloning phones on the sprint PCS network


Case Modeling - Close up photos of the project

Tweaking T-Mobile

Book Reviews:

A Physical Security Primer for the community

Kismet on knoppix HD install

The Future of telephony is VoIP

Best Buy Insecurities: Revisited

How to configure a linux kernel

Perl Corner: Hacking CoinStar

Closing comments (full version)

Issue 2.1


Hacking 101: Directory Transversal

An IR receiver for your PC

"Official" CO scanning

Fun with CompUSA


Getting started with IPtables

IPtables workstation script (Complete file for easy download!)

IPtables server script (Complete file for easy download!)

White Hat Wi-Fi

Book Reviews

Perl Corner: Packet8 phone service

Backspoofing - let the telco do the walking

Modding your own WindowsPE distro


Issue User Link Notes
Issue 1.1 (May 2003) Acquired
Issue 1.2 (September 2003)
Issue 2.1 (July 2004) Acquired

Issue User Link Notes
Selected Articles from Issue 1.1 (May 2003) Famicoman Digital Releases
Selected Articles from Issue 1.2 (September 2003) Famicoman Digital Releases
Selected Articles from Issue 2.1 (July 2004) Famicoman Digital Releases

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