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Exitframe one.jpg
exitFrame logo
Format Webshow
Genre Informational
Origin USA
Created by Linx, Seanzy
Starring Linx, Seanzy
Language English
Producer(s) exitFrame
Location(s) USA
Running Time Variable
Network NA
Frequency NA
Original Airing 2004
Total Seasons NA
Total Episodes 1
Additional Information
Topics Technology, Computers, Hacking
Follows NA
Precedes NA
Associated Video NA
Website exitframe.org (defunct)

exitFrame made its debut in late 2004. Little did anyone know, there would only be one episode. The episode covered mostly basic things, and had basic production value. There was supposed to be a second episode, but nothing was ever released. There was also a slight reprise, and the show was to take on a new direction as a video zine, but that soon fell through as well.

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Episode 1

  • We’re going to be kicking our first episode off with the art of Wardriving, taking you deep into the heart of the big city where you will be able to see the vast array of encrypted and unencrypted wireless networks waiting to be hacked. Every episode will feature a different building’s wireless network that we will be exploiting.
  • Explosions are good, right? We’ve all been told to always take care not to drop a computer monitor because they run the risk of imploding. I’m sure everyone has always wanted to see that but were worried about getting hurt. Seanzy will show you how to build a potato gun for under twenty bucks and then will test it out on an old computer monitor that has a fully charged capacitor.
  • Phreak of the Week will introduce the art of phreaking as Linx shows you how to build a busy box that will render the victim’s phoneline useless until it is disconnected.
  • Let’s face it, we’ve all downloaded music before, but what are you going to do when the RIAA comes knocking at your door? We’re going to show you how to create a simple program that, when executed, will remove your entire MP3 collection before those RIAA bastards can get to your computer.
  • To close out our first episode, we are going to review our three favorite download websites, servers, and P2P clients.


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exitframe.org (defunct)