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HackTV logo
Format Webshow
Genre Informational
Origin USA
Created by Stankdawg
Starring Stankdawg, booter, dual_parallel
Language English
Producer(s) DDP
Location(s) USA
Running Time Variable
Network NA
Frequency NA
Original Airing August 17, 2003 - November 27, 2005
Total Seasons NA
Total Episodes 4 (+1 Extra)
Additional Information
Topics Technology, Computers, Hacking
Follows NA
Precedes HackTV Underground
Associated Video Infonomicon TV, DougTv
Website hacktv.org

HackTV was started in the summer of 2003 as a video project by the DDP. The show would feature a few segments by different users, as well as the occasional anonymous submission. As the name would imply, the show focuses on computer-related hacking, but also dabbles in phone phreaking, lockpicking, and urban exploration.


HackTV — Episode 0

The Pilot episode is now available! Keep in mind that it is just a total test scenario starring none other than dual_parallel using all of his videos from oldskoolphreak (Thanks dual for being the guinea pig and being a good sport with all the jokes). We tested with all of the different formats, sizes, resolutions, etc… to see what we could do with them.

HackTV — Episode 1

The first full-length episode of HackTV set the stage for many hacking video shows to follow. It contained a detailed segment on wardriving to start off. It had some car hardware hacking, some urban exploration, and a little bit of everything in this premier episode.

HackTV — Episode 2

The second full episode of HackTV has a great on-location segment with local telco equipment inside a telephone switch. It follows this up with a great segment with Acidus on magnetic stripe card reading and a demonstration. This episode also continues the tradition of including hilarious outtakes after the credits.

HackTV — Episode 3

This is the third full-length episode of HackTV. It contains segments on geocaching with droops and StankDawg. There is also some footage and discussion about hacking conferences followed by a great demonstration of hacking bar game kiosks by booter. It closes with an awesome anonymous submission demonstrating how to hack laserlocks.

HackTV — Extra — Pwned

Until HackTV episode 2 comes out (still in the editing process) enjoy this little special we made called “PWNED”.


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HackTV - Complete Series Famicoman Archive.org

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