Hack The Toaster

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Hack The Toaster
Hack The Toaster
Format Webshow
Genre Informational
Origin USA
Created by Gear
Starring Gear
Language English
Producer(s) Hack the Toaster
Location(s) USA
Running Time Variable
Network NA
Frequency NA
Original Airing 2006 - Summer 2007
Total Seasons NA
Total Episodes 8 (+4 Extras)
Additional Information
Topics Technology, Computers, Cooking
Follows NA
Precedes NA
Associated Video NA
Website hackthetoaster.com (defunct)

Hack the Toaster was started by Gear in mid 2006 who decided to take apart a toaster and put it in a computer. Later episodes feature other cooking devices mixed with computer hardware to create a unique blend of a cooking show and a technology show. The show ended its run with a total of eight episodes in summer 2007 after an eight month hiatus, and is truly unique (though not necessarily a show whose projects should be followed).


Hack The Toaster — Episode 1

In Episode 1 we take apart a toaster and install it into a computer

Hack The Toaster — Episode 2

In Episode 2 we take some more toaster parts and install them into an old monitor.

Hack The Toaster — Episode 3

In Episode 3 we take apart another toaster and install it into a scanner!

Hack The Toaster — Episode 4

In Episode 4 we take some more toaster parts and install them into a subwoofer!

Hack The Toaster — Episode 5

In Episode 5 we create a meat smoker using more toaster parts.

Hack The Toaster — Episode 6

Hack The Toaster is BACK! In Episode 6 we attempt to make a grilled cheese cooker out of an old laptop.

Hack The Toaster — Episode 7

In Episode 7 we revisit our 2nd episode and try again to create a rotisserie chicken cooker using an old monitor!

Hack The Toaster — Episode 8

In episode 8 we take apart an old network hub and cook some delicious eggos!

Hack The Toaster — Extra — Birthday Special

In this special episode of Hack The Toaster we celebrate Gear’s birthday by making a cake.

Hack The Toaster — Extra — Bloopers

Some bloopers from episodes of Hack The Toaster.

Hack The Toaster — Extra — Destruction

We dispose of our hack the toaster experiments.

Hack The Toaster — Extra — Materials

We go looking for some materials to use in some of our episodes


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hackthetoaster.com (defunct)