High Frontiers

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High Frontiers
High Frontiers issue 01 cover
Format Print
Editor R. U. Sirius (Ken Goffman)
Publisher R. U. Sirius
Origin San Francisco, CA, USA
Language English
Frequency NA
Active 1984 - 1988
Topics Counterculture, Drugs, Proto-Cyberdelia
Number of Issues 4
Follows NA
Precedes Reality Hackers (Issue 5)
Associated Publications Mondo 2000
Website NA

High Frontiers was a counterculture magazine founded in 1984, edited by R. U. Sirius (pseudonym for Ken Goffman). He was succeeded as Editor-in-Chief by anthropologist Alison Bailey Kennedy, a.k.a. "Queen Mu" and "Alison Wonderland". The magazine later changed its name to Reality Hackers.


Issue User Link Notes
Issue #1 (1984) Archive.org
Issue #2 (1985) Archive.org Acquired
Issue #3 (Annual 1987) Archive.org Acquired
Issue #4 (1988) Archive.org Acquired

Issue User Link Notes
Terence McKenna Interview (From issue 01) Archive.org
High Frontiers Centerfold (From issue 02) Archive.org
Kwirx Tabloid (From issue 02) Archive.org
Tarantismo and the Modern Day Magician (From issue 03) Archive.org
Steal This Conference (From issue 04) Archive.org
WORLD MUTATION DAY Flyer (1985) Archive.org
High Frontiers Ad Brochure (1987) Archive.org

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