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M0diphyD logo
Format Webshow
Genre Informational
Origin USA
Created by Fiebig
Starring Fiebig
Language English
Producer(s) Infonomicon Media
Location(s) USA
Running Time Variable
Network NA
Frequency NA
Original Airing 2006
Total Seasons NA
Total Episodes 3
Additional Information
Topics Technology, Computers, Hacking
Follows NA
Precedes NA
Associated Video Infonomicon TV
Website pracdev.org/m0diphyd/ (defunct)

M0diphyD started producing content in early 2006. Fiebig hosted the show for a total of three episodes which revolved around modifying hardware, projects, and reviews. From the website, “M0diphyD (pronounced “modified”) is internet TV based around tech. yes, another tech TV show. However, what is offered is content including mods (modification of software or, more commonly, hardware), reviews, projects from scratch, and bits of knowledge here and there all of which amount to about an hour of content per episode, which is at best informative to the average viewer, and at worst interesting. M0diphyd is also a subdivision of Infonomicon Media, which has a lot of great content and people working behind it.”


M0diphyD — Episode 1

The debut episode. Some good mods, including the Computer Turntable and the Overhead Laptop, as well as some informative segments such as the GPS review. All the links I drop in the show are above.

  • Computer Turntable
  • DeLorme Tripmate
  • GPS Review
  • CoilGun
  • Overhead Laptop

M0diphyD — Episode 2

I suppose this could be considered the Hamvention Episode, even though the Hamvention segment is so short. As I mention in the intro, this show was comprised mainly of left over scraps I had from various projects. The Fully automatic BB gun was inspired completly by Droops, over at Infonomicon.org. For more information on magnetic stripes, check out StripeSnoop, which has been featured on HackTV episode 2 (from BinRev).

  • Heading to HamVention
  • HamVention Clips
  • PSP Wardriving
  • AmmoBox PC Powersupply Modification
  • Fully Automatic BB Gun
  • Visitor Database Program Walkthrough

M0diphyD — Episode 3

The NotaCon episode. Kind of took this one in a little bit of a strange direction. Our ‘classic’ intro is not to be found. Nor the outtro. But for a smaller episode such as this I figured it may suit it better. The ammobox PC has 512mb RAM, not 128 like I say in the video. Not much else to say about episode 3.

  • Various NotaCon Clips
  • Ammobox PC Walkthrough
  • Clicky
  • Fortress Phone
  • NotaBawls
  • Bunsen’s Laser Modem
  • Strydre’s ABE
  • Interview with the Packet Sniffers, The and Droops


Series User Link Notes
M0diphyD - Complete Series Famicoman Archive.org

External Links

pracdev.org/m0diphyd/ (defunct)