NO COPY - The Movie

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NO COPY - The Movie
NO COPY - The Movie Screenshot
Format Video (Web?)
Genre Documentary
Origin Germany
Language German, English
Release Date 2006
Running Time 10 min
Created by Jan Krömer and Evrim Sen
Directed by Jan Krömer and Evrim Sen
Produced by Jan Krömer and Evrim Sen
Written by NA
Screenplay by NA
Distributed by NA
Narrated by Mitchell Reichgut, Denis Moschitto
Starring NA
Music by Jane His Wife, _Ghost, Gurdonark
Cinematography by NA
Edited by NA
Production Company NA
Location(s) Various
Original Channel NA
Additional Information
Based on NO COPY
Topics Technology, Computers, Hacking
Follows NA
Precedes NA
Associated Video NA
Website (defunct)

NO COPY - The Movie is a 2006 documentary about hacker culture and copyright.


The first hackers appear in the 50s where they soon start a computer revolution. While the industry continues with its restrictive copyright laws, a secret subculture becomes a worldwide organisation. While the new subculture is spreading software all over the world, the industry has new problems to deal with. A cultural revolution has already started to take over


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NO COPY - The Movie (2006) NA SWF


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