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OpenAlpha logo
Format Webshow
Genre Informational
Origin Canada
Created by Jenn Cutter
Starring Jenn Cutter
Language English
Producer(s) OpenAlpha
Location(s) Canada
Running Time Variable
Network NA
Frequency NA
Original Airing 2006 - 2010
Total Seasons NA
Total Episodes 19 (+1 Extra)
Additional Information
Topics Technology, Computers, Video games
Follows NA
Precedes NA
Associated Video Hak.5, Call for Help (Canada)

OpenAlpha was a show started in mid 2005, focusing mainly on specialized video game information. The show is hosted by Jenn Cutter, who has made appearances on Call for Help (Canada) as well as the iptv show Hak.5. The show came to a halt after 16 episodes were produced, and Jenn decided to go back to school. In the summer of 2008, Jenn decided that she still wanted to make video, and has since been video blogging through her website via a Youtube account.


OpenAlpha — Episode 1 — Pilot Season

Now that the hype is over, it’s time to see how the latest Star Wars games stand on their own. takes a look at the Episode III PlayStation 2 and Nintendo DS game, as well as Lego Star Wars. As a follow-up segment, Open Alpha delves into the problems with the blue Lego Star Wars PS2 disc and how to overcome it.

OpenAlpha — Episode 2 — MMORPGs

Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games continue to grow in popularity, partially due to the increase in broadband availability and the increased complexity of the worlds available to explore. Jenn takes a look at what’s out now, what’s fun, what’s free, and what’s up with services like IGE.

OpenAlpha — Episode 3 — Plane Distraction

Jenn’s going to San Francisco! This is a quick interim episode dedicated to the ways she’ll kill time on the plane with her Nintendo DS and PSP with the ScummVM and 1.50 firmware. Think of it as a teaser until full production can resume when she gets back.

OpenAlpha — Episode 4 — Playstation Portable

Jenn’s first solo release (meaning she taught herself Premiere Pro, lighting, the whole deal) covers the basics of the PSP and some launch titles. The episode ends rather abruptly, but that is normal and not a bad download.

OpenAlpha — Episode 5 — Quick Christmas Fun

Jenn takes a break from sleeping off mono and playing games to record this brief holiday episode. She’s got a (slightly) evil gift giving tip and announces the first ever OpenAlpha contest!

OpenAlpha — Episode 6 — Viewer Mail

Jenn answers a selection of viewer mail! DS vs. PSP? 360 vs PSP?? And what’s up with Digital Fishing??? She also warns the contest winner that they’ve got a few days to claim their prize before the next OpenAlpha release.

OpenAlpha — Episode 7 — World of Warcraft

Jenn walks through the basics of World of Warcraft, from getting started, to common tasks, adding UI Mods, and de-mystifying ‘Aggro’ with finger puppets. She also reviews the WoW Atlas, declares the winner of Hello Kitty’s Cube Frenzy, AND announces a new live WoW show with Darren from Hak.5.

OpenAlpha — Episode 8 — PSP Lua Player + Golf

Jenn takes a look at the Logitech PlayGear Pocket, offers up some money saving PSP tips, and goes into the fun she’s been having with the PSP Lua player and PSP Golf with extra map packs. Also, she’s a guest on April’s Hak.5 so be sure to check it out!

OpenAlpha — Episode 9 — E3 Booth Babes

(the following could possibly be deemed NSFW if girls dancing and fighting in skimpy outfits would get you in trouble. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!) This is the only surviving clip I have from E3 2004 when I first tried to do a gaming show online. Take a look and stop by the website at to give your say on the new booth babe rules! More to come from the floor of E3 when Jenn gets settled in LA

OpenAlpha — Episode 10 — Nintendo Wii Intro

Jenn takes a first look at the Nintendo Wii and some of the various tech demos available on the floor. More from E3 to come including an in-depth look at some first party games and titles Jenn is looking forward to this holiday season.

OpenAlpha — Episode 11 — Al Lowe Interview

At E3 Jenn got a few minutes to chat with Al Lowe. Most of you might know him from a little series called ‘Leisure Suit Larry’… except for the last one. He had nothing to do with that. Al talks about his new game development venture, iBase Entertainment, good ol’ Larry, a very strange path to becoming a game designer, and the state of the industry today. A cramped restaurant booth may not be a scenic interview spot but the conversation was definitely worthwhile.

OpenAlpha — Episode 12 — Games for Windows and Xbox 360

To close out the last dedicated E3 episode Jenn gets guided tours through Crysis, Obsidian Edge, Flight Simulator X, and talks with a Microsoft Rep about things to watch for on the horizon including the presently ethereal ‘Live Anywhere’ service.

OpenAlpha — Episode 13 — Unfinished Business

On Jenn’s birthday (today!) she put together a rambling one-shot piece to answer some more FAQs to lead into the new monthly schedule as well as a new Feedback portion of the show. Also *gasp* World of Warcraft!

OpenAlpha — Episode 14 — beatmania+

In this first music game episode Jenn takes a look at beatmania on the PS2 and some of the games it inspires on the PC and PSP. She also takes a stroll down memory lane to the first music game she can remember playing.

OpenAlpha — Episode 15 — Wii60

Jenn takes a time out from playing with her new toys to share her thoughts on the 360’s Live service while taking a closer look at the Wii friends system and Excite Truck.

OpenAlpha — Episode 16 — Channel Surfing

Jenn takes a road trip to Virginia and enjoys surfing the Wii Channels and playing with the new Wii Remote Straps as well as some less than graceful replacements.

OpenAlpha — Extra — NotOA

Jenn says hello and replies to some e-mail… and then there are outtakes.


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