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PCVR Magazine
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PCVR Magazine logo
Format Print
Editor Joe Gradecki
Publisher PCVR Magazine
Origin Stoughton, WI, USA
Language English
Frequency NA
Active ?
Topics Cyberpunk, Virtual Reality, Programming, Computers
Number of Issues 17
Follows NA
Precedes NA
Associated Publications NA
Website NA

PCVR Magazine was started by Joe Gradecki and his wife in Stoughton, WI. The purpose of the magazine was to provide a forum for developers of Virtual Reality on the PC platform. At its highest point, we were producing 4500 magazine bi-monthly. The magazine was sold on hundreds of newstands around the country.


PCVR Magazine is your information source for PC-Based Virtual Reality. We provide our readers with the most up-to-date information about the hardware and software necessary to achieve VR on their own PC.

Each issue of PCVR Magazine gives the reader three levels of information:

BEGINNER - If you are just starting in the world of VR, you will find easy-to-understand articles that give you information about our selected theme for that issue. Beginner articles might show you where to experience VR or expose you to the current version of a new piece of software

INTERMEDIATE - Those of you who are more advanced in VR will find articles about using a particular theme topic in their own virtual worlds. Learn how to code a virtual hand in a VR rendering package.

EXPERT - Written for the person who has extensive virtual experience, the expert articles will focus on reproducing VR hardware or software. These articles might show you how to build a arm-based head tracker or a head mounted display.

Kits and Products available for all levels of interest and skill

PCVR Magazine invites you to experience VR while still being able to pay the mortgage


  • Issue 1 - Interfacing the Mattel Power Glove
  • Issue 2 - Power Glove Software
  • Issue 3 - Interfacing shutter glasses
  • Issue 4 - REND386 Version 3.0
  • Issue 5 - Head Tracking
  • Issue 6 - 3D Sound
  • Issue 7 - VR Motion
  • Issue 8 - PCVR Renderer
  • Issue 9 - HMD - Build Your Own Under $450
  • Issue 10 - Voice Recognition
  • Issue 11 - Connectivity - VR over the Modem
  • Issue 12 - Input Devices
  • Issue 13 - Head Tracking - A Tracker under $25.00
  • Issue 14 - Feedback
  • Issue 15 - Arcade Systems
  • Issue 16 - Glove Technology


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Issue #6
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Issue #9
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External Links

gradecki.com - Industry

vintagecomputing.com - Low-End Virtual Reality