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Retro Review
Retroreview 01.jpg
Retro Review issue 01 cover
Format Print/Digital
Editor Ian Gledhill, Jorge Canelhas
Publisher Retro Review
Origin Aberystwyth, UK
Language English
Frequency NA
Active January 15, 2002 - March 15, 2004
Topics Computers, Technology, Retroputing
Number of Issues 5
Follows NA
Precedes NA
Associated Publications NA

Retro Review, a retro computing magazine, was the first multiformat magazine dedicated to old computers. The first issue was published on January 15, 2002.

Issue 6 was never completed or released.


Issue 1

  • ZX 81 Special Aniversary Feature.
  • Presenting the Timex Computer 2048.
  • VZ Alive (VZ 200).
  • Joust Review.
  • Interview With Thomas Eberle from Sintech (FBI).
  • SpecNG.
  • Webbing the Amiga part I.

Issue 2

  • ZX Spectrum Drive Round up.
  • Commodore 64 Emulators Round up.
  • Checking the 3D0.
  • Sprinter Review.
  • Interview With Luca Carrafiello. (Co Author of XEO3 the latest shooter for Commodore +4.
  • Atari 8bit, SIO2PC analisys.
  • Webbing the Amiga part II.
  • Our Auction watch list.

Issue 3

  • Learn to write your own Emulator.
  • Discover the FDD 3000.
  • Interview with the Sprinter Team.
  • Taming the hardware, series to build your own hardware.
  • Webbing the Amiga part III.
  • Our Auction watch list.

Issue 4

  • Treasure Hunt. - Making you Retro Collection B
  • Metal Slug IV.
  • A Chat with Michael Battallina from cloanto. (Amigazone offer)
  • Writing your Emulator Part II.
  • Our Auction watch list.

Issue 5

  • Sinclair QL , 20th Aniversary.
  • APE - Atari Peripheral Emulator.
  • Arcade Collecting Guide. (By Robert Hazelby)
  • Writing your Emulator Part III.
  • Wolfgang Haller from Spectrum Profi Club Koln Interview.


Issue User Link Notes
Issue 01 (7th January 2002) Famicoman
Issue 02 (20th March 2002) Famicoman
Issue 03 (13th August 2002) Famicoman
Issue 04 (18th January 2003) Famicoman
Issue 05 (15th March 2004) Famicoman

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