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Format Webshow
Genre Informational
Origin Canada
Created by Cimmerian
Starring Sean Kennedy
Language English
Producer(s) RantMedia
Location(s) Canada
Running Time Variable
Network RantTV
Frequency NA
Original Airing June 15, 2001 - April 30, 2010
Total Seasons NA
Total Episodes 15 (+1 Extra)
Additional Information
Topics Technology, Computers, Survival
Follows SKTV
Precedes Patrolling with Sean Kennedy
Associated Video NA

SKTFMTV is the first IPTV show from RantMedia, featuring Sean Kennedy. Spanning almost 10 years, with some of the segments even older, SKTFMTV paved the way for other shows from Rant including the live SKTV as well as the popular Patrolling with Sean Kennedy series. Though it does not look like new content is being filmed for SKTFMTV, older content is still being released and there is still a bank of material that has yet to show up anywhere. For those of you who cannot get enough Sean Kennedy, he is still producing audio-based content and may appear again in a third season of Patrolling.


Episode 01 – Sean vs. The Raelians

This is the premiere episode of SKTFMTV where Sean protects the earth from aliens and protects the litter box from tootsie rolls. He also shows us how to pick out quality products at an army surplus store and how to fix your error prone computer! INGREDIENTS: (Kennedy Family); Sean vs. The Raelians; Computer Smash; Army Surplus; Shopping At The Mall; Cat Shit Commentary; From The Mind.

Episode 02 – Sean vs. Jello Biafra

The continuing adventures of Sean Kennedy, the myth, the legend. Sean gets a Airsoft Gun and inflicts damage upon his friends, goes shopping for a birthday present for his wife and gets on stage with his hero Jello Biafra. INGREDIENTS: (Opinions); Sean’s New Toy; (In Your Way); Shopping For The Wife; Sean Kennedy vs. Jello Biafra; Sean Unprepared; (Supernatural Capt. Kirk)

Episode 03 – Burning Man: Part 1

Sean Kennedy and James go to Burning Man in Nevada for a week. Part one of a three part special on the trip into the desert. Watch and enjoy. INGREDIENTS: (Explain); The Night Before; The Border; Tire Blowout; Washington; Oregon; Da Homies; California and the Killer Moths; Gas, Water and Ranger Corvis; Spiritualism Rant

Episode 04 – Burning Man: Part 2

Sean Kennedy and James at Burning Man. Watch them meet strange and wonderful people. INGREDIENTS: Nevada: Enter The Burn; Setting Up; The Shiva Bhang Song; Green Hands; Scarman; Dead Can Dance; Cimm & Sean Get Beautiful; Night On The Playa; Flexfire; When you look in the mirror what do you see?; Cmimm Drnuk

Episode 05 – Burning Man: Part 3

The final episode of the four part trilogy. Sean wraps it all up in the desert! INGREDIENTS: Carthedral; Cooking With Sean Kennedy; Thunderdome; Playa At Night; Carthedral At Night; Tequila and Saki; Seaan Drrnunk; Rant: Why Are You Watching This?

Episode 06 – Burning Man: Part 4

The outtakes episode. All the crazy weird things that came out of Sean’s mouth at Burning Man that didn’t quite fit in the other episodes. INGREDIENTS: Various clips

Episode 07 – Questionable Activities

Sean tempts fate and shows you how to hack phones, make hallucinogens and buy PDA’s. INGREDIENTS: Phreaking With Sean, Sean K on P.D.A, Absinthe

Episode 08 – Sean vs The World

Ding ding! Round two with Sean Kennedy vs Raelians! It’s out in the open and on the streets. Sean rescues his friend and jeep from certain death with only a belt! Super BONUS: The video for The Suicide Rant as heard live on the WhatTheHell?!? Show on March 19, 2000, newly remixed for 2002. INGREDIENTS: Warning, Trust The Media, “Huge Flying Saucer Dome” , Sean vs Raelians Pt 2., “Domestic Torrorists”, “Hello Internet Audience”, “Gotta Have Good Kit”, Sean And Eagle Industries, “They Are Being Hunted”, “Knowledge or Propaganda?”, The Suicide Rant Live on WTH?!? March 19, 2000, Train Credits

Episode 09 – Plans Afoot

Sean hints at bigger things to come as he catches wild life and defends the beaches. While solving computer problems with an iron fist he firmly sticks his middle finger up at the corporations, cops and the school system. INGREDIENTS: State of the World, Ranger and Angus, Speeding Ticket, School Prison State, Sean K: Tech Support, Flea Market, Beach Rant, Sean K: Snake Hunter, Future Projects, 5 Years, Outtakes

Episode 10 – Archives and Previews

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something Sean. INGREDIENTS: What the Fuck Are You Looking At?, We’re From RantMedia, **IA Crackdown, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Nixter Visit To Rant, ‘Smokey, Creature, TK, CaponeX’, Steel Wheels 4×4, Is This A Good Shot Or What?, Porn At The Airport, BastardGuy Posters, Preview: Getaway From Y2K, Preview: Offroad With Rant Preview: Patrolling DVD Extras, Preview: Cimm In Europe, Preview: Rant Invades America

Episode 11 – Getaway from Y2K

The Rant crew avoid Y2K by heading into the woods. Watch the adventures of the WhatTheHell?!? crew as they fight against nature to survive in the wilderness. INGREDIENTS: Checking The Site, Tent Practice, The Night Before, Propane Heater, Tent Setup, Crazy, The Leaking Tent, Snow Bath, New Years Eve, New Years Day, Kukri Training, Last Looks, Leaving Y2K

Episode 12 – RantMedia Retrospective Video

A retrospective look back at 10 years of Rant! All brand new and never before seen footage of history of Rant and the projects that made it popular. INGREDIENTS: Rant, The Audio Rants, The WhatTheHell?!? Show, Patrolling, Tales From The Afternow, NewsReal, Writing, On Sean Kennedy, Rant Fans, The Future Of Rant

Episode 13 – RantMedia’s 10th Anniversary Q&A

Celebrate RantMedia’s 10th Anniversary with Sean, Cimm, the WTH?!? crew and fans from all over the world at a gathering in Vancouver! This hilarious video goes through untold stories through the history of Rant and the Rant crew answer questions from all the fans. INGREDIENTS: Rant Stories, Rant Crew Introductions, Q&A, Prizes, Group Photos

Episode 14 – Rant Invades America: Part I

Sean and Cimm travel east to New York City and meet up with the locals! INGREDIENTS: Departure from Vancouver, Flight to Chicago, IL, Day of the Speech, The Message Of Independant Media, A Day in New York City, To the Top of New York City, A Walk Through ChinaTown, New York City RantMeet, Manufactured Reality, Going Back to Vancouver BC

Episode 15 – Rant Invades America: Part II

Sean, Cimm and Enki travel down the west coast and then over to Vegas! Combining two trips to DEFCON into one crazy video adventure! INGREDIENTS: Leaving For Las Vegas, Just South of Gold Beach Oregon, Rant: Reno, Arriving In Vegas, Luxor Rant, DEFCON RantMeet (2004), DEFCON 15 (2007), Why DEFCON?, Interview With Priest, EFF Dunk Tank, DEFCON Shoot #8 (2004), Going Home, A Stop At StoneHenge Memorial

Extra - Episode 14 Preview

Preview of Rant Invades America: Part I


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