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Seattle Wireless TV
Seattle Wireless TV logo
Format Webshow
Genre Informational
Origin Seattle, WA, USA
Created by Peter Yorke and Michael Pierce
Starring Peter Yorke and Michael Pierce
Language English
Producer(s) Seattle Wireless
Location(s) Seattle, WA, USA
Running Time Variable
Network NA
Frequency NA
Original Airing July 2003 - June 2004
Total Seasons NA
Total Episodes 7
Additional Information
Topics Technology, Computers, Hacking, Wireless
Follows NA
Precedes NA
Associated Video NA
Website (defunct)

Seattle Wireless TV was created by Peter Yorke and Michael Pierce in July of 2003. Episodes covered various happenings within the Seattle Wireless community, which aimed at offering free wireless internet access in the area. Lasting only seven episodes, the series finished in June 2004. It is notable that SWTV can be credited as one of the first iptv shows because of how early it was produced.


Seattle Wireless TV — July 2003

On this month’s show, Peter and Michael report on the wireless project called “SnowNet” a project where Casey Halverson plans to use mountain tops to connect communities via a 802.11b backbone. We then check out the first link connected to SnowNet. “TacomaNode” located in Tacoma, Wa, it will connect to Seattle via a wireless backbone through SnowNet. Scott Kennedy, the owner of the Drinkmore Caf?, tells us why he has decided to provide free WiFi to his customers while other places charge. And finally we had a chance to try out a new linux embedded product called the “Prismiq MediaPlayer”. Using this device you no longer have to watch your media files on your small computer monitor. Using a wireless card it can hook up to your network anywhere.

Seattle Wireless TV — August 2003

In this month’s Seattle Wireless TV episode:

  • Personal Telco, a community wireless network in portland
  • An inteview with pringles can antenna inventor, Rob Flickenger
  • Extreme Wireless Applications
  • Watchguard SOHO 6 Review

Seattle Wireless TV — October 2003

In this month’s Seattle Wireless TV episode:

  • How to make a 2.4GHz biquad WiFi antenna
  • Matt Westervelt, founder of SeattleWireless
  • SeattleWireless field day footage.

Seattle Wireless TV — November 2003

  • Peter Yorke visits some businesses using WiFi.
  • Drew from explains how to wardrive responsibly.
  • And finally, New Zealand Wireless gives a peak at there event next month.

Seattle Wireless TV — December 2003

New Zealand Wireless had a WiFi Treasure Hunt.

Seattle Wireless TV — January 2004

  • Gerry Curry tells the tale of WiFi in the Great White North of Nova Scotia, Canada.
  • Danny Dinneen introduces us to Cork Wireless.
  • Drew from interviews Special Agent, Tom Grasso at the United
  • States Federal Bureau of Investigation National Cybercrime, Forrensics, and Training Aliance about wireless and wardriving.

Seattle Wireless TV — June 2004

In this month’s Seattle Wireless TV episode:

  • Drew from talks to David Lewis
  • telerama. Less networks
  • Austin City Wireless beats TMobile in network bid.


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