StaticUsers '97

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StaticUsers '97
StaticUsers '97 cover
Format Print
Editor Freaky, Superd
Publisher StaticUsers, Inc.
Origin Las Vegas, NV, USA
Language English
Frequency NA
Active 1997
Topics Hacking, Computers
Number of Issues 1
Follows NA
Precedes NA
Associated Publications NA
Website (defunct)

StaticUsers '97 was a printed zine targeted to the underground scene focusing on hacking, security, social engineering, and coding.

The brainchildren behind StaticUsers '97 were a group of friends from high school in Las Vegas, NV with articles contributed by writers around the world.

The goal of the publication was to be subscription based with printed magazines released every other month with supporting newsletters sent out every two weeks. Although the publication ended after the first issue it is kept to preserve some history with grammar errors and typos included!


1. Special Thanx

2. The True Meaning of a Hacker - Templer

3. Live Social Engineering by Sdphreak

4. Hacking a Mac by AntAdam

5. Hacking a Mac Part 2 by AntAdam

6. The Foolproof Helper by Barren Soul

7. What's a Phreak?

8. Become a Lineman with Ease

9. A Phreaking Question

10. Crystals by LowTek

11. Wanna Port Surf?

12. Setting up Unix Trap Door by sh

13. Tricks of the Trade

14. The Story of the Accidental Con by SD phreak

15. What's an ANSI bomb by CyberWes

16. Few Notes About Eve Dongles by Dr. Qwerty

17. Rainman Scripting

18. Axis Security by Revelation

19. Subscription Page


Issue User Link Notes
Issue 1 (1997)

External Links

Official Site (defunct)

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