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Step1 logo
Format Webshow
Genre Informational
Origin USA
Created by Mark, Daniel & Danny
Starring Mark, Daniel & Danny
Language English
Producer(s) StepONEpro
Location(s) USA
Running Time Variable
Network NA
Frequency NA
Original Airing November 2005 - 2006
Total Seasons 2
Total Episodes 13 (+2 Extras)
Additional Information
Topics Technology, Computers, Hacking
Follows NA
Precedes NA
Associated Video NA

Step1 was an iptv show started by host Mark in November of 2005 with the help of additional hosts Daniel and Danny. The show was maintained under an umbrella, called StepONEpro, along with other shows offered by the same hosts. As the name implies, the show allows for step by step instruction in multiple fields, such as general tech, security, etc. The show almost came to a halt in 2006, but got back on track and has yielded two seasons. The crew purchased an HD camera in 2007, and have hinted at a third season for a long time. There was a lot of time between season two releases, and season 3 was supposed to launch in January of 2008, but was pushed back. However, side videos have been released in that time. In late July, the website went down with an announcement of a new website launching soon, but that has yet to happen. Note: there is no episode six in season one, this was skipped over.


Step1 — s01e01

In this episode of StepONE Mark and Daniel perform a fresh install of Fedora Linux and then step up a Fishing attack. Danny shows you how to increase airflow inside your computer with just a pair of wire cutters. Arron shows how to use a common bit torrent client. Mark shows you a great program to use in place of Microsoft Windows MCE and then Mark and Danny review it on a kick ass home theater system.

Step1 — s01e02

In this episode of StepONE Daniel kicks things off with a little be of beige boxing. Mark shows you how to take all the work out of playing games from your hard drive. Danny and Mark show you how to build a sweet HTPC. Daniel explains a cross site scripting volubility with IE. Danny is back with a case mod to the door of the project case.

Step1 — s01e02.1 (And Then Some)

In this StepONE release (Episode 2 AND THEN SOME) Danny and Mark build a front USB, 1/8th inch headphone / mic hookup and a font power switch for your HTPC.

Step1 — s01e03

In this episode of StepONE Aaron shows you what Selective Start-up is all about. Daniel is showing to a little more of the Phone Freaking world with a little Busy Boxing. Mark shows you a little something with Linux Run Levels. Daniel and Mark explain SQL injections and then displays an SQL injection. Daniel is joined with a new member of the cast (Jason) and together they show you how to secure your home wireless network. Plus Mark gives his review of AVG Anti-Virus (a free Anti-Virus).

Step1 — s01e04

In this episode of StepONE Jason and Daniel take the WiFi security a step farther and break everything they said would be safe. Mark has a huge office application package replacement for MS Office and Adobe acrobat. Adrian (the camera man) takes care of your LAN party needs by adding a handle to your case. Daniel and Jason are back with a real SQL injection and gets administrative privileges. Then Aaron wraps everything up with a way to improve you windows logon experience.

Step1 — s01e05

In this episode Danny shows you how to build a case and also mods the ever growing Step1 case. Daniel talks about an orical vonerbility. Aaron reviews 6 games quickly for the X360. Mark has yet another Program that cost less then a penny. Then Danny and Mark wrap it up with a recap of Otronicon 2006.

Step1 — s01e07

Step1 is back and in this episode Adrian shows you how to play “backed up” games on your Nintendo GameCube. Aaron is back with another game review. Danny makes those Lan parties that much easier with another add on to the case he has been working on. For programs that cost less then a penny Mark has 2 Apps. that will help you with your CD/DVD needs.

Step1 — s01e07.1 (And Then Some)

Step1 Episode 7.And.Then.Some has been released. In this And.Then.Some release Mark gets his hands on Saints Row for the Xbox 360.

Step1 — s02e01

Classic Arcade Games, Driving and Flight Simulators, DDR on a JumboTron, Play Guitar Hero II like a Rock Star, Halo Tournaments on a IMAX Screen, Over 30 Wii, PS3 n’ 360s… No not E3 we are talking about Otronicon.

Step1 — s02e01.5 (Middle of the Month)

So out of all the days out of the year we release on April Fools Day (ironic?). To think it would have been the joke not to release here is a new episode… In this episode Noah whips out his Wii and take advantage of some Elibits and then Mark gets a little to affectionate with one of his favorite programs.

Step1 — s02e01 — Preview

Preview of Season 2 Episode 1.

Step1 — s02e02

Noah is back and taking care of a FPS review, Adrian learns english, Mark shows you some programs for your flash drive and Daniel returns for a nice security segment. All this and more in Step1 Season two Episode 2

Step1 — s02e02.5 (Middle of the Month)

In this Middle of the Month Episode… Noah finally got a new PC and got his hands on a new RTS. Mark in his hunt for a Firefox plug in finds a new app worth sharing. Then to wrap it all up Mark and Noah give a sneak peek at a hardware review for Season2 Episode3

Step1 — s02e03

Hardware review, video information, programs that cost less than a penny, ccleaner.


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