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TechTV released several direct-to-video VHS tapes in the early 2000s featuring popular hosts of their television shows. These VHS tapes have since gone out of print, and see no potential of future release as TechTV has dissolved. This page aims to gather as much information about these tapes as possible, and ultimately hopes to allow viewers to watch any of the programs that were produced.

TechTV's Digital Audio for the Desktop

Techtv digital audio desktop vhs.jpg

Featuring: Kris Kosach, James Kim

This video will give the viewer the knowledge and skills to be comfortable with digital audio. Kris Kosach and James Kim will introduce the viewer to the world of digital audio, educating him in downloading audio files and different places to play them. He'll learn how to get them onto a computer (PC or Mac) and then how to play them on the computer, on a stereo, or even in the car. Soon the reader will be ripping CDs, uploading MP3s, and making playlists. Kris and James will troubleshoot common issues with digital audio, as well, and will provide insight on how musicians use digital audio. The reader will learn how to turn LPs into CDs and how to digitally record original music. Kris and James will demonstrate what is needed to be in the loop within the digital audio world. Our hosts will deliver this information for the beginner to intermediate user level.

Publisher: Peachpit Press Publications (December 2001)

ISBN-10: 0789727137

ISBN-13: 978-0789727138

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TechTV's How to Build Your Own PC

Techtv build own pc vhs.jpg

Featuring: Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton

TechTV experts Leo Laporte and Patrick Norton examine the step-by-step process of building a working computer customized to the viewer's needs. This video teaches viewers what is inside a PC, the pros and cons of building a system, the tools needed for construction, how to select components, and where to get good deals on PC parts. Viewers learn how to assemble a PC's components and how to connect all the cables. This is the ultimate guide on how to build a PC, from TechTV's resident gurus.

Studio: Peachpit Press Publications (2001)

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TechTV's How to Build Your Own PC (2001) NA

TechTV's Digital Video for the Desktop

Techtv digital video desktop vhs.jpg

Featuring: Michaela Pereira, Martin Sargent

Michaela Pereira and Martin Sargent guides the viewer through choosing a digital camera, planning a shoot, and editing. Further instruction will include computer requirements and editing tools, software and importing video, editing and adding effects, as well as how and what to output. Martin goes on location to shoot a demonstration video with a digital camcorder covering the TechTV softball team in action. He then uses this footage as the basis for creating the video on the PC. The primary focus of this video will be on editing and outputting.

Studio: Peachpit Press Publications (2002)

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TechTV's Digital Video for the Desktop (2002) NA []

TechTV Solves Your Computer Problems

Techtv solves computer problems vhs.jpg

Featuring: Patrick Norton

This video contains clips from TechTV's highly popular show, The Screen Savers, and will answer the most frequently asked questions by its viewers on computer problems. Patrick Norton, co-host of The Screen Savers, will be the guide through the world of hardware, Windows, security, multimedia, and speed. Finally, as a bonus, Patrick will share some of his favorite and oftentimes wacky segments with his Screen Savers co-host, Leo Laporte. The information is serious, but the delivery is hilarious. The body of the show will be clips from The Screen Savers. The host, Patrick Norton, will deliver direct to camera the video's introduction and all of the setups to the topic headings, including any additional information that may not be included in the clip, such as updated technology.

Studio: Peachpit Press Publications (2002)

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TechTV Solves Your Computer Problems (2002) NA []

TechTV's How to Build a Website

Techtv build website vhs.jpg

Featuring: Sumi Das, Tom Merritt

This video provides a detailed overview on how to build a Web site, including tips, shortcuts, and the basics of HTML. Focusing on Web site fundamentals, Webmaster Tom Merritt shares basic information on how to build a Web site from scratch. The main body of the show takes place in the studio where Merritt builds an actual Web site, taking viewers through each step. As our guide, host Sumi Das asks all the right questions. Reminiscent of a cooking show, the Webmaster shows the process and then the camera cuts to an adjacent computer to reveal the finished step or screen. Field shots, with expert Jakob Nielson and man-on-the-street testimonials, round out the viewing experience.

Studio: Peachpit Press Publications (2002)

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TechTV's How to Build a Website (2002) NA

TechTV's Guide to Computer Basics

Techtv computer basics vhs.jpg

Featuring: Chris Pirillo, Kate Botello

It's time to get to know that computer! Viewers learn the basics with Kate and Chris so that they are ready to use their PCs to their fullest capacities. This video not only shows the physical components of a computer but also familiarizes the viewer with key applications. From how to boot up, to using word processing, spreadsheets, e-mail, and the Internet, this video helps viewers grow their computer skills. This video also covers basic uses and applications of audio, video, and media player programs. Finally, it shows how to safely shut down the machine. The hosts demonstrate how to become more comfortable with the computer and how to make it a functional tool.

Studio: Peachpit Press Publications (May 2002)

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TechTV's Guide to Computer Basics (2002) NA