Videophile's Newsletter

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The Videophile's Newsletter
The Videophile's Newsletter issue 01 cover
Format Print
Editor Jim Lowe
Publisher Small Potatoes Publishing
Origin Tallahassee, FL,USA
Language English
Frequency Monthly, Bimonthly
Active 1976 - 1978
Topics Video Recording, VHS, Betamax
Number of Issues 11
Follows NA
Precedes The Videophile (Issue 12)
Associated Publications NA
Website NA

The Videophile's Newsletter was created by Tallahassee, Florida-based attorney and writer Jim Lowe, the first issue of which appeared in the summer of 1976. This was the first publication to unite fans of the Sony Betamax home video recorder (and later VHS, introduced in 1977). The newsletter later became The Videophile, a nationally distributed magazine, the last issue of which was published in 1981.


Issue User Link Notes
Issue #1 (September 1976) Famicoman
Issue #2 (October 1976) Famicoman
Issue #3 (November 1976) Famicoman
Issue #4 (December 1976) Famicoman
Issue #5 (January 1977) Famicoman
Issue #6 (March/April 1977) Famicoman
Issue #7
Issue #8
Issue #9
Issue #10
Issue #11 (January/February 1978) Acquired

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