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Hardware Emulated Amiga
Guest Operating System(s) Amiga Workbench, Amiga Unix
Host Platform(s) Windows
Type Emulator
Available As Binary/Source

WinUAE is a multi-model Commodore Amiga emulator, fully supporting most hardware supplied as standard and highly compatible with most Amiga software. Since early 2013 this also includes the previously incompatible Amix (Amiga Unix), which required tape drive emulation and specific MMU support for installation and usage.

Emulation State

Hardware Emulated Notes
CPU Yes Motorola 680x0 + 68881/68882/040/060 FPU
MMU Yes Motorola 68851 + 68040/060 integrated MMU
Graphics Yes OCS/ECS/AGA + various add-on graphics adapters
Sound Yes All native audio + MIDI support
Floppy Disk Yes Emulates up to the maximum allowed 4 drives at various configurable read speeds and allows for emulated drive sounds
Hard Disk Yes IDE/SCSI, flat file and directory based
Tape Drive Yes SCSI, flat file and directory based
Keyboard/Mouse/Joystick Yes Includes Amiga joystick emulation
Serial/Parallel Yes Includes support for copy protection dongle emulation
Network Yes Via bsdsocket.library within the emulated OS

Emulation Checklist

Requirement Critical Notes
WinUAE Yes Download here
Kickstart ROM Yes Bootstrap ROM + Kickstart disk (A1000)/Kickstart ROM (all other models)
Amiga Workbench No Required to use the Amiga's native operating system, but many games and programs can boot standalone and do not require Workbench

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