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Bastard Sons of Dial-Up
Bastard Sons of Dial-Up version 3 logo
Format Webshow
Genre Informational
Origin USA
Created by Ilya
Starring Foxx, Mustang, Cookie
Language English
Producer(s) BSoD
Location(s) USA
Running Time Variable
Network NA
Frequency Pseudo-monthly
Original Airing April, 2006 - Present
Total Seasons NA
Total Episodes 34
Additional Information
Topics Technology, Computers, Hacking
Follows NA
Precedes NA
Associated Video Techcentric, Port7

Bastard Sons of Dial-Up (also known as BSoD TV) is a tech show started in 2006. It is believed that the original concept was created by Ilya as an open show, allowing submissions from the community. The show has been spearheaded by Foxx and Mustang, though episodes feature segments from dozens of users. Episodes of BSoD can be considered thorough and highly technical. There is very little glossing over details, and little hand-holding. While the show is still labeled as in production, it has not had a new episode since September of 2009.


Episodes are released on the first Friday of every month. BSoD is also in collaboration with also to form the Lost Carrier IRC network at

If you didnt already know, BSoD is the first ever Open Source IPTV show, for hackers, by hackers. The open IPTV ideal is to create an online community of technophiles and hackers to collaborate with online tutorials to answer questions and start to insight on topics that newcomers ask. As an online community we can share our tech talents and electronic gifts to inspire the next generation to come, or to collaborate efforts in projects where one individual couldnlt aspire such feats on a lone path.

We all share a non-criminal, non-egotistical, demeanor. Fanboys, haxx0rz, n00b pwning and things of the such are greatly shunned and disrespected in the BSoD Community. We are here to learn, and teach, morals are not one of them, however we will not fuel the media hype of criminal hacking. We will not put the right tools in the wrong hands. BSoD was created to attempt to put a good term to the defined hackers of the next wave.

BSoD understands that a lot of people want to be a super famous leet haxx0rz, fame, money, sexy bitches... We have no idea what you have been smoking, but you should lay off the bong there a bit buck'o. Many of us come back from the early days of computing, hence the name of the show, Bastard Sons of Dial-Up. We came from a time where there was no broadband, getting connected in itself was an accomplishment. Finding someone to learn from was even harder of a task. Text files and ASCII schematics were all we had. Now we live in a day of multimedia, streaming video, live voice chat with a worldwide community. The connection is there, but the content is lacking. BSoD sacrifices video quality for content quality. Its not about looking good, pretending to be smart, or thinking you have all the answers. BSoD is about teaching those with a desire to learn, and share your gifts with those who can make use of your time and talents.

Welcome to our world, the world of the electron and the switch, the beauty of baud.

Many thanks and much appreciation to everyone involved. IRC, Forums, real life friends and family, those that make segments, or just ask a good question. Without yearning minds looking for something inspiring, and those that have something to share with them, BSoD would never be possible. Lets continue to keep it real!


Episode 1.1

Wed, 04/05/2006

Holy shit, the first episode of BSoD! Actually the first episode prerelease was leaked. This is the final version. Yeah, there are lots of mistakes, but piss off, its still some good shit.

We cover some ground on the type of show BSoD will be. Open Source, packed full of tips and informations, and no noob bashing flame'tards. Episode 1 brings us some applications for Network hacking under XP, Intro to Phone Phreaking, how to dress leet, or in other words, how to have a fun day in the field doing good ol' techno-terror without getting mugged, and how to set up and record segments for BSoD!

Episode 1.1

  • Dressing Leet
  • Hacking with Windows XP
  • Intro to Phone Phreaking
  • How to Submit Your Own Segments

Episode 2

Fri, 06/02/2006

Things start to come together with a continuation of Phone Phreaking, some basic electronics tutorial, keeping Windows XP healthy, and how to hack more features back into your Motorola V Series cell phone.

Episode 2

  • Recovering from XP
  • Introduction to Electronics
  • Hacking Motorola Cell Phones
  • Prefix & Exchange Scanning

Episode 3

Fri, 07/07/2006

BSoD continues with Phreaking Software, SSH Tunneling, A simple way to interface your console controllers into your printer port, and a simple Introduction to IRC.

Episode 3

  • Phreakware
  • SSH Tunneling
  • Interfacing Console Controllers
  • Introduction to IRC

Episode 4

Thu, 08/03/2006

This episode features some tips on how to keep your install of Windows XP fresh and clean like a summer baked ham, in the spirit of Phreaking, a lesson in the basic inner workings of the telephone systems of the ages, how to carrier unlock your Motorola cell phone, and how to hack NES games using emulators.

Episode 4

  • Keeping XP alive
  • Telecom' Systems Explained
  • Cell Phone Unlocking
  • Lobotomizing the NES

Episode 5

Fri, 09/01/2006

We continue with more NES ROM hacking techniques with the use of emulators, how to make a simple PC headset mic... because we are sick of the crappy ones you people use on Skype and such, and Wargramming - hacking into LED display signs!

Episode 5

  • Lobotomizing the NES
  • Simple Headset Mic
  • Wargramming

Episode 6

Fri, 10/06/2006

This episode we get into basic Radio Communications, Skinning motorola Cell Phones, NES Hacking as usual with a little bit of Level Editing, RealVNC Secuirty Advisory with an explanation of the hole, how to find it, and fix it. CCD IR Vision makes use of a simple mod to a camera and household components to make a ghetto night-vision system, and we explore the real of Physical hacking with the basics of Urban Freeflow, or as Foxx like to call it.... Urban Chaos Training.

Episode 6

  • Radio Comminications
  • Skinning Moto' Phones
  • NES Hacking (Level editing)
  • RealVNC Exploit
  • CCD IR Vision Mod
  • Physical hacking

Episode 7

Fri, 11/03/2006

Hummm, some naughtyness in this one with ARP Poison Attacks and Man in the middle (MiTM) stuff. Foxx does more sadistic stuff with electronics, this time making an IR snipe rifle, explaining LEDs and Transistors in the process. How to flash your Linksys Router, some basic antenna theory, tweaking your dual monitor experience, and BSoD's dark knight catches the famed Patrick Norton on the spot for a quick chat at the 2006 Digital Life expo'.

Episode 7

  • ARP Poison Attacks with XP
  • LED's, Transistors, and the IR Rifle
  • Flashing the Linksys WRT54G
  • Antenna Design
  • Dueling with Dual Monitor
  • Patrick Norton on the spot

Episode 8

Fri, 12/01/2006

This episode brings you some Firefox Extentions that don't suck, Windows XP tweaks and Tips, a Cell Phone Compass (WTF?) and how to make custom Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and with that a way to make native female xbox controller connectors. Holy shit, no more cutting up old xbox's and cables!!

Episode 8

  • Firefox Extentions that don't suck
  • Windows XP Tweaks
  • Cell Phone Compass
  • PCBs and Custom connectors

Episode 9

Fri, 01/05/2007

In this episode we run down some Pocket PC apps that don't suck, adding a heatsink you your External HDD, a simple transistor circuit to make an automatic LED night light (or auto-dim PC case mod), how to teather your cell phone, and softmodding the xbox.

Episode 9

  • Pocket PC Apps that dont suck
  • External HDD Heatsink
  • Automatic Night Light
  • Cell Phone Teathering
  • Softmodding the Xbox

Episode 10

Tue, 02/06/2007

BSoD continues on with some pocket PC Network Apps, how to play PC games without the original CD, how to do some HDD Tests and checks, how to upgrade the HDD in your series 2 Tivo, and how to upgrade your Xbox HDD. Lots' of work with physical drives in this one, hopefully you will learn some new stuff about them.

Episode 10

  • Pocket PC Network Apps
  • Playing Games Without CDs
  • HDD Tests and Checks
  • Upgrade your TiVo HDD
  • Xbox HDD Upgrade

Episode 11

Fri, 03/02/2007

Foxx shows us some Gameboy Classic homebrew hardware and software, with some cool new things you can do with a pink gameboy to scare your neighbors, or generally piss them off. Pickle continues with his Playing games without CDs. Have issues with your Xbox Softmod? Create a restore CD! Foxx also covers basic radio scanner features and fun things to do with them. Mustang gives us a preview of the upcoming atrocity Windows Vista, and Foxx blabs on about Xbox Hardmods.

Episode 11

  • Gameboy (classic) homebrew
  • Playing Games without CDs Part 2
  • Xbox Softmod Resore CD
  • Intro to Radio Scanners
  • Windows Vista Preview
  • Benefits of an Xbox hardmod

Episode 12

Fri, 04/06/2007

Foxx continues on with his console homebrew with the Gameboy Advance. Xbox Linux anyone? SURE! Why not. Ever wonder whats floating through the air in radio waves, intercept them and find out! Xbrav also comes by with a segment on some nifty soldering technique and tips.

Episode 12

  • Gameboy Advance Homebrew
  • Xbox Linux
  • Intercepting Radio Data
  • Guide to Soldering

Episode 13

Fri, 07/06/2007

In this episode we cover some intro to PHP, finally some coding! The electronics Stethoscope gives us a new insight on testing electronics for defects using the principals of Electromagnetic Forces and inductance, this is a cool one! Mustang adds some functionality to your PDA with a cool IR Remote program, and Foxx gets into some cool Nintendo DS Homebrew.

Episode 13

  • Intro to PHP
  • Electronics Stethoscope
  • Pocket PC IR Remote
  • Nintendo DS Homebrew

Episode 14

Fri, 08/03/2007

The console Homebrew continues with the Dreamcast. Raktor hits us with another installment of PHP. Stang' also shows us how to teather your cell phone to your PDA for internet access. Foxx starts his long series of 2.4Ghz segments with a 2.4ghz Video scanner which picks up wireless "security" cameras. Raktor hits up Andy Tanenbaum for an interview, and mustang shows us a kick ass PC utility called AIDA32.

Episode 14

  • Dreamcast homebrew
  • Intro to PHP part 2
  • Pocket PC - Cell Phone teathering
  • 2.4Ghz Wireless Video Scanner
  • Interview with Andy Tanenbaum
  • AIDA32

Episode 15

Fri, 09/07/2007

Foxx continues his console endeavours with the Gamecube Softmod. Mustang showcases how to configure the Xbox IR Dongle to work on the PC, and if you remember back to Episode 8 Foxx showed how to make a proper connector for it. Dortz starts work in C++, and Foxx showcases how to modify a Wireless Video (WiVi) Receiver with an RF connector so you can attach a better antenna.

Episode 15

  • Gamecube Softmod
  • Xbox to IR PC Remote
  • Intro to C++
  • WiVi Receiver RF Mod

Episode 16

Fri, 10/05/2007

Foxx brings us a Gamecube hardmod, Dortz continues with his C++ Tutorial, Mustang shows us how to steal power to charge devices, and Foxx shows how to mod PCMCIA cards with an RF jack.

Episode 16

  • Gamecube hardmod
  • C++ Conditionals and Loops
  • Mobile Power Solutions
  • PCMCIA Wifi RF mod

Episode 17

Fri, 11/02/2007

Foxx continues 2.4Ghz fun with modding USB WiFi adapters with an RF connector, Mustang gives some tips and software on conserving laptop power, Dortz strikes again with more C++, and Foxx throws some Gamecube RAM Hacking at us.

Episode 17

  • USB Wifi Adapter RF mod
  • Laptop power management
  • C++ pointers and Functions
  • Gamecube RAM hacking

Episode 18

Fri, 12/07/2007

Foxx continues to sink his claws into console hacking and homebrew with a Wii hardmod, and Mustang makes a stink about hooking the Wiimote to the PC. Foxx continues with more 2.4Ghz fun with USB Wireless Stick RF connector mods, and Metatron shows us some nifty Wireless Tools for linux. Dortz schools us in some more C++.

Episode 18

  • Wii Hardmod
  • PC Wiimote Control
  • USB Wireless Stick RF mod
  • C++ User I/O Control
  • 2.4Ghz Wireless Tools (linux))

Episode 19

Fri, 02/01/2008

Foxx gives us an intro to basic 2.4ghz and general antenna design, and a Playstation 2 Softmod. Dortz explains more C++, and Ophidian showcases the WiSpy 2.4ghz Spectrum Analyzer.

Episode 19

  • Intro to Antenna Design
  • C++ Arrays and Searching
  • Playstation 2 Softmod
  • WiSpy 2.4Ghz Spectrum Analyzer

Episode 20

Sat, 03/08/2008

BSoD TV is pleased to announce that episode 20 has hit the ground running. Quick rundown of this episode:

  • Foxx - Playstation 2 Hardmod
  • Mustang - Bank Door Security Notice
  • Dortz - C++ Classes Tutorial
  • Foxx - 2.4 GHz Compact Collinear

Episode 21

Thu, 04/03/2008

Episdoe 21 is released as planned. This time we have a tad of:

  • Wii Homebrew
  • Star TTY - A new use for old hardware
  • 2.4GHz Biquad Antenna
  • SD Card File Recovery

Episode 22

Fri, 06/06/2008

Episdoe 22 is released as planned. Sorry for the delay, the camping trip and some local meetups got in the way.:

  • Wii Homebrew & News
  • Creating PDF Files
  • 2.4GHz Waveguide Antennas
  • Universal Powerline Remote

Episode 23

Tue, 07/08/2008

Sorry for the wait, as some of you may know it was an American national holiday for the last release. We had an ill planned and abrupt meetup, and life was in the way. I wasnt able to get episode 23 released on time. Sue me! Episode 23 is only three segments long, but its long winded. I wanted to add more but we would have been well beyond our time constraints. No console hacking this month, but hopefully we will make up for it in the next.

Episdoe 23 is released, sorry for the delay.

  • 2.4ghz Helical Antennas
  • Virtual Floppy Drives
  • Smartphone apps that Don't Suck

Episode 24

Fri, 08/01/2008

Episode 24 is released on time. I get into the basics of Wii RAM Hacking and some tips on 2.4Ghz Yagi Antennas, Mustang shows us some insight on the Thumbs.db file and how it could be a naughty little tid'bit, and Ugster shows some Smartphone (Motorola Q) Tweaks to make it not suck so hard.

Episdoe 24

  • Wii RAM Hacking
  • Thumbs.Db Explained
  • Smartphone Tweaks
  • 2.4Ghz Yagi Antennas

Episode 25

Fri, 09/05/2008

This episode showcases the Ocarina Wii Cheat Code handler, Mustang explains Image Meta Data, Ophidian reviews the Maglite LED upgrade, and Foxx goes postal with Parabolic satellite dishes.

Episode 25

  • Ocarina Wii Cheat Code Handler
  • Image Meta Data
  • Maglite LED Review
  • Parabolic (wifi) Antennas

Episode 26

Fri, 11/07/2008

Ahhh, the long awaited Episode 26. Cold and rain have hit the east coast pretty hard, keeping a lot of us from going out to do out segments, Personally I wanted to do the last 2.4Ghz Wireless segment all in field, but I havent been able to get out long enough to record. Also, my camera took a total shit on me, so the long wait is totally my fault. We got together for a meetup in hopes that we could all get some cool footage done, just to find out my cam would not read/write to the DV deck. Oh well.

This episode brings you a nifty tutorial on getting the Playstation 2 EyeToy USB Cam working on a computer, although the segment is for Windows, it will work under OSX and Linux. Ugster shows Orb, a kick ass media streaming program for windows that lets you send out your movies, music, even live TV out to anything that can connect to the internet. Watching TV on the smartphone... bad ass. Mustang makes a USB mass storage box that is a "Digital historian's" wet dream, I love the pirate fan grills. great touch! The last 2.4ghz Wireless Scanning Tips and Techniques segment airs as well. With a lot of good information on how to use the 2.4Ghz gear we have been building over the past year. Check the shownotes on the forums! There is more than what was put into the show, I have some small 'Extra Features' with more detailed info about some of the extra stuff never shown on the show. This isnt the last of 2.4Ghz, as always your questions, comments, and queries can bring more 2.4Ghz stuff back in action. The minions and misfits like to do a lot of radio scanning with me, so expect some side segments and extra features in the future, but not as segments in the show itself.

If you do go out and about for some ol' techno-terror in the wireless wilderness, record or blog it. Lets see what you have learned over the past two years of BSoD, but remember, we do NOT condone criminal hacking. We dont mind stepping on some toes or in the gray areas, but don't show us how you DDoS Wifi with MDK3 deauth' attacks, steal passwords and files from open WiFi, or "break" into peoples open Access points!

Episode 26

  • Playstation 2 EyeToy Webcam
  • Orb Streaming Media
  • Super Massive USB Storage
  • 2.4Ghz Wireless Scanning Tips and Techniques

Episode 27

Fri, 02/06/2009

We are finally back on track with a new episode! Sorry for the long delay but we have all been a bit busy, broken, and bored. We will try to keep on the steady releases but it just seems the electron gods absolutely hate us. This episode brings some new topics, and we will be introducing some more in a crazy mix, but in the end you will see how it all falls into place. All and all things are going in a new direction, but all for the better. Shownotes will be a little late, we are all still somewhat busy as we are hitting NYC 2600 today.

Episode 27

  • Intro to amateur radio
  • Jailbreaking the Google G1
  • Electronics parts salvage
  • Rockbox - Alternate open source MP3 Player firmwares

Episode 28

Fri, 03/06/2009

Whee!! Episode 28 hit the ground running, and much like all things that hit the ground while trying to run, it promptly face-planted. Whelp, with all of that aside, BSoD shamelessly brings you some more Firmware hacks with the CHDK upgrade for canon Powershot cameras, GPS Solutions for the hopelessly lost or generally curious, a tutorial on an electronics enthusiasts best friend Mr. Multimeter, and some more Ham Radio stuff with an introduction and live demonstration of Repeaters.

BSoD is always proudly here to bring you the topics and subjects you choose to see and produce. Many thanks to all those involved, from those on IRC and Forums bringing new topics into the chat, all the way down to the jackass that sits in front of a camera polluting the show with their ugly face and foul language *Foxx*. We will continue with Ham Radio segments as requested, so pop on IRC and Forums if you have questions, comments, or can lend a hand. We dont have full access to the entire Ham Radio Spectrum, its an expensive hobby to begin with, so if you are a Ham and a BSoD'er pop on by and let us know if you can offer your time and talents. Remember, BSoD is Open-IPTV. For the people, by the people...

Episode 28

  • CHDK Canon Hacker Development Kit Firmware
  • GPS Soloutions
  • Introduction and live demonstarion of Ham Radio Repeaters
  • Multimeter Tutorual

Episode 29

Fri, 04/03/2009

Hey everyone, glad to see you are still with us. BSoD brings us the typical flair to how to tech tutorials. This episode goes a little farther into the ideals of firmware mods and hacks with DVD Player Region Unlocking, mustang covers some must-have applications for the G1 Android, Usgter and Foxx showcase 2D Cypher systems and create a new form of urban information warfare called Glyph Tagging. We are still doing radio projects slowly gearing into ham, but with how much gear costs, Foxx does some mods to cheap FRS (PMR) radios to sport an antenna jack so we can start safely playing with antenna designs without having to break the bank on expensive gear.

Shownotes will be late due to a busy week for us, sorry. Those of you whom frequent IRC know the reasons why, hopefully all will be sorted out today and the shownotes will be up by the weekend.

Episode 29

  • DVD Player Region Unlocking
  • QR codes and Glyph Tagging
  • G1 Android Apps
  • FRS/PMR Radio Antenna Mod

Episode 30

Fri, 05/01/2009

Things are starting to speed up with current topics. Foxx brings a showcase of USB Multiboot, one of the many (but so far most reliable and easiest) ways to install or run a WinXP/NT5 environment from a USB Thumbdrive. Mustang showcases some more G1 Android apps, this time (computer) network related tools and utilities. Ophidian explains the all important Standing Wave Ratio, and its importance in the radio world. Melih Bilgil brings us the History of the Internet, a short narration using PICOL, an open source pictorial system which can be used to aid in explanations, diagrams... you name it!

Episode 30

  • Windows XP from USB Multiboot
  • G1 Android Networking Apps
  • Standing Wave Ratio Explained
  • History of the Internet

Episode 31

Fri, 06/05/2009

Quick, grab it,before it runs back under the entertainment center!! SON OF A BITCH! Now we have to get a stick and poke it in face until it scurrys back out. What a Dickbag...

Sorry for the late release, we all had a very bad case of Life.

This episode I get more into firmware hacks using my Dell Axim X51v, explaining the basics of using a PDAs onboard flash utility to get a non-crap OS on your PDA. Please check the shownotes! There is a lot I couldnt cover because of time constraints. Ophidian shows us how to make a universal dipole base thats very hands for any ham. I get into what serial ports and communications are, but again ran into the time limit wall, so expect more in the next episode. This segment will be very important later on, so try and pay attention! UberarchAngel gets into what overclocking is. This is the first installment of his multi-part series of segments, so stay tuned. Same BSoD time (we hope), same BSoD Channel.

Episode 31

  • Dell Axim Firmware Hacking (Installing Windows Mobile 6)
  • Universal Ham Radio Dipole Base
  • Serial Ports and Communications Part 1
  • Overview of Overclocking

Episode 32

Fri, 07/03/2009

We never get a break! So it seems was hit so hard this release that the PHP script that was running to make the main page look pretty used up so much resources it was killing downloads for everyone. Fortunately the issue has been resolved by removing the glam' completely, so if you dont like the look of a bland file listing, blow it out of your ass. Be happy its working!

This shows that BSoD is really growing, unfortunately we are not seeing as much viewer feedback as we would like. As much as we try to keep reminding you, this is an OPEN SOURCE SHOW. Content in every episode is completely dynamic to the topics that interest the community as a whole, and is also provided by them. Hop on IRC or the forums and speak your mind. The only stupid question is the serious one that was never asked...

Foxx continues a breakdown of serial communications with the the software side of interfacing into some hardware, showcasing how some devices can be controlled from a very simple serial terminal. Mustang pops in and out of satellite lock with some nifty or flat-out must have GPS apps for the G1. The Wireless Warrior Foxx yet again rampages us with some antenna design, cramming the J-Pole in our face. Nixx brings us a well covered firmware hacking segment with the HTC Touch Pro, going deeper into explaining exactly what IPL, SPL, HardPL is, how it effects the device and other information pertaining to firmware hacking HTC (or damn near any) devices. Tommy, a well seasoned ham radio operator meets an untimely and unexpected interview with us and tells us a little bit about what attracted him to the hobby, some insight to the Ham Radio community, and how he quite literally owes his life two-fold to it. Never knew a ham radio could be used as a real life 1-Up!

Episode 32

  • Serial Communications Part 2
  • Android G1 GPS Apps
  • J-Pole Antenna Design
  • HTC Touch Pro Firmware Flashing
  • Ham Radio: To the rescue

Episode 33

Thu, 09/03/2009

Well boys, girls, and things in between, its that time again. No, not a visit from Aunt Flo'. Time for a release. This month we bring you more antenna stuff with the Double Zepp Antenna, a fairly easy and diverse antenna for your (ham) radio. Uber' gives us a rundown about the hardware side of overclocking. Although its a very generalized segment, even if you dont care for overclocking this segment does a good job explaining how a computer is actually put together, and how it works, also why proper cooling and reliable components can save you hours of headaches in the long run.

Unfortunately Foxx dropped the ball a few episodes back and forgot to air his NES Repair segment, so it will make its debut in this episode. After this segment... you WILL get your NES back to life. If you cant, then its an issue well beyond repair. Be sure to check the shownotes for more information regarding tips, techniques, and little nuances that can help you further understand the steps showcased, and some shortcuts into finding critical issues.

If you have no clue about what Linux/Unix really is there is a nice little explanation of its history, and roundabout of why it has made a very big impact on the different tech cultures on the internet. If you are already well versed in what Unix and Linux is, bear with us and watch it anyways... and add onto the shownotes. I (Foxx) do not take any credit for this segment, as its clips from various pre-existing videos, and a little more added on at the end to clear up some misconceptions. Please, if you are linux savvy feel free to amend onto the shownotes to fill in the gaps. In fact, everyone is encouraged to add on to the shownotes to make them more detailed in general.

BSoD is about a community all helping out with providing accurate information for everyone that wants to learn, so get of the bench and into the game already!

Episode 33

  • Double Zepp Antenna
  • Overclocking: Hardware
  • NES Repair
  • History of Linux

Episode 34

Wed, 09/30/2009

Episode 34, holy hell! Foxx continues with antenna design showcasing how to design and build Yagi Antennas. Uber' shows us more about overclocking, and some software that can help tweak your settings to perfection, or detonation. Even if you dont give a rats ass about overclocking, again Uber's segments explain how computers work. This also contains information on how to troubleshoot issues, so try not to skip it. Mustang grabs his Asus EEE by the gonad and turns it into a less crippled bitch by circumsizing Xandros, adding a few inches to its capabilities. Ugster follows up on last months 'What Is Linux segment' with some Live Linux Distros you can download (for free) and try without having to install them to your hard drive. Now you have no excuse to try out Linux. Since they dont install to the hard drive, nothing can really break, and you wont loose your current Operating System and personal files. Check the shownotes for more info on what each distro has for features, and where to download from.

Episode 34

  • Yagi Antenna Design
  • Overclocking: Software
  • Asus EEE Advanced Xandros Unlock
  • Live Linux Distros


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