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Techcentric logo
Format Webshow
Genre Informational
Origin USA
Created by linlin, limp_trizkit
Starring linlin, j-hood, eh_steve, limp_trizkit
Language English
Producer(s) TechCentric
Location(s) USA
Running Time Variable
Network NA
Frequency NA
Original Airing February, 2007 - August, 2009
Total Seasons 2
Total Episodes 10 (+5 Extras)
Additional Information
Topics Technology, Computers, Hacking
Follows teh_show
Precedes NA
Associated Video Bastard Sons of Dial-Up

TechCentric was a tech show starting in 2007 as a successor to teh_show featuring three previous hosts: Will, Nick, and Steve.


TechCentric is an independent IPTV show showcasing technology and information in (hopefully) monthly episodes. With regular hosts Will, Steve, Nick, and Jared, TechCentric is a show for anyone who is proud to say they are a geek, or isn't and would like to.



This episode of TechCentric features an introduction to Steve's Mini-ITX computer, a basic overview of Asterisk, a beginner's lesson in binary numbers, a quick and dirty way to recover Windows passwords, and a short lesson in how to cook Ramen noodles.


In this episode of TechCentric, our guest Trevor explains how to make a water-cooling "bong", Nick gets lazy with Wake-on-LAN, Will covers how to make outgoing calls with Asterisk, Steve comes up with a pair of useful web sites, and Jared gets his paranoia on with coverage on logging IM sessions.


Will starts off this episode with a simple way to use your phones in the event of a power outage, Jared explains Tor, Steve finds two more useful sites, Nick covers basic data recovery, and Steve walks everyone through how to play backed-up (legal) PS2 games.


Jared starts off with some VoIP paranoia, Steve presents more useful websites, Nick demonstrates a new project, Will shows off a new way to manage remote servers, the crew gets their hands on cheap entertainment, and Will rounds off his series on Asterisk in this episode of TechCentric.


In the fifth episode of TechCentric, Will starts to mod his laptop, Steve adds another two sites to his bookmarks, Nick adds storage to his case on the cheap, Steve presents two cool freeware programs, and the crew tries their hand at doing trivia.


In this episode of TechCentric, Steve shows off cool homebrew apps for the Nintendo DS, Jared hides secret messages in a picture, Will puts a magnetic stripe reader to good use, Steve presents more of his Internet gems, and Nick finds out what a geek can do on the loneliest of days.


For the one-year anniversary of TechCentric, Will finds himself in need of Internet access in the middle of nowhere, Steve adds his usual browsing suggestions, Nick mods cheap routers, Will and Steve come up with a great alternative to costly wrist-rests, Jared figures out how to shut machines down with e-mails, and Steve closes off the show with an introduction on using a Wii-mote as a computer input device.


Come kick off the new season of TechCentric as Andy suggests some geek gifts in the Holiday Gift Guide 2007, Will hacks his new Motorola Q, Steve builds on his previous Wii-mote segment with more in-depth coverage, Nick cheats the cell phone carriers for free text messages, and Steve chips in with his two sites. Blue "Suede-o" Shoes!


Will installs some mobile entertainment, Steve contributes two more helpful sites and gets to test a new product, Nick shows you how to save some time, and Jared recognizes the power of facial recognition, all in this episode of TechCentric.


In this TechCentric episode, Will gets his hands dirty hacking the WDTV, Jared shares his suggestions for living in the cloud, Steve explains the Nvidia Ion, and Nick gets friendly with social VPNs.


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